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Your Dream Wedding Dress : The 5 Most Flattering Styles According To Your Body

The planning of a marriage goes through different moments and one of them is choosing the wedding dress, this is one of the most important decisions for the bride.

There are many types of wedding dresses that you can find today, some more expensive than others and each one with a special touch. 

Here we bring you ideas of different wedding dress styles that can favor you, always choose the one you like best according to your personality. Before starting to look for wedding dress styles, the most important thing you should do is define the concept of the wedding, if it is a vintage, country or glam style wedding, the style of the dress and the fabric you are going to choose depend on these details. 

TIP: Go dress shopping with a loved one who will accompany and support you. 

You must know very well the type of body you have, a dress indicated for people with an hourglass or inverted triangle body type is not the same, these are the body types of a woman, identify yours! 

  • Apple Shape: This type of body is characterized by having a rounded and wide shape in the belly area. The dress styles that may favor you are dresses with an empire cut, with a wide skirt from the waist.
  • Triangle Shape: This type of body is characterized by wide hips, narrow waist and narrow shoulders.The dress styles that may favor are dresses with V-neckline or with more attention-grabbing details on the top of the dress
  • Rectangular Shape: This type of body is characterized by symmetry in the shoulders, waist and hips. The dress styles that may favor you are dresses with wide skirts and that accentuate your waist.
  • Hourglass Shape: This type of body is the curvier type, the bust and hips are more prominent, it is characterized by having a smaller waist. The dress styles that may favor you are mermaid type dresses. 
  • Inverted Triangle Shape: This type of body is distinguished by having the shoulders and torso wider than the hips. The dress styles that may favor you are wedding dresses with wide skirts from the waist. 

Choosing a dream wedding dress depends on many factors, such as the wedding concept, body type, climate and style of the bride. 

Mermaid cut

The mermaid cut dress is ideal for all women who want to amplify  their curves, this style of wedding dress is the most chosen. A gown that is fitted through the bodice and the skirt flares out mid knee, creating an hourglass effect. 

Princess cut

This is the perfect dress for all brides who dream of a wedding worthy of a fairy tale, a dress that is timeless, standing out for its wide skirt that falls rounded from the waist to the feet. It is ideal for those with an apple shape and inverted triangle, it flatters very well and harmonizes the appearance of each bride, making her the center of attention.

A-line cut

This style of dress is less voluminous than the princess cut, the fall of its skirt forms a kind of letter A, which is why it is called A-line, this is one of the most popular types of wedding dress since it flatters all body types. A classic and elegant gown that you will surely love. 

Empire cut

This type of wedding dress is perfect for women who want a more classic and romantic option. This dress has a fitted bodice that drapes out from a high waistline usually under the bust. This dress is inspired by the Roman era. This dress is ideal for the pear or triangular body type.

Boho Chic

This style of dress tends to be more fluid, with tulle-like fabric and many details such as flowers. It is ideal for rectangular body types as long as it has a wide skirt, for inverted triangle and apple types. It is for free-spirited brides looking after a whimsical and romantic look. 

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