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Ideas on how to get your wedding bands to the altar with style 

Knowing how to carry wedding rings down the aisle is an art, sometimes being original or creative is difficult, so here are some ideas on how to get your wedding rings to the altar in a different way! 

Ring bearers for the most traditional 

The vast majority of traditional weddings are done with the presence of one or two little ring bearers, they are small children who are in charge of carrying the rings to the altar.

If you are a couple that opts more for the traditional, this is an excellent option, but what if we put a little creativity? The creativity comes into play with how they are carried by the ring bearers 

When there are two ring bearers, one can carry down a board with a creative message that says “you still have time to run away” or ” here comes your girl” and the other can carry the rings in a box or basket with rose petals, if the little ones are very young, it is better that you rehearse the walk to the altar with them previously and that you omit the board to avoid any accidents. 

The best man in charge of the rings 

Another traditional way to deliver the rings is with the best man. One of the ideas is to carry the wedding rings in a humorous way, the best man enters the church and when they get to the altar, they pretend that the rings are lost. Everyone will have a good laugh amidst the anticipation. 

In an outdoor wedding ceremony, you can choose a vintage-style decoration, an excellent opportunity for the best man to carry the rings on a bike with a basket, something quite original with a sign that says, “Express delivery!” 

Four-legged ring bearer 

Your pet has been in the best moments of your life, so your wedding is no exception!  If you have a pet dog, you can choose them as your ring bearer, design a flower wreath or a bowtie and place a ribbon with the rings.

This is one of the most adorable and meaningful ideas to carry wedding rings, you must rehearse this walk very well with your dog, and devise a way for him to go directly to the altar where you are, we do not want them to be distracted!

Having ideas on how to carry your wedding rings down the aisle is only a small part of everything you have to think about when planning your wedding, an idea is to choose a venue that complements nature. Outdoor ceremonies are beautiful, if you don’t want to do your traditional wedding in a church, this is an amazing option, any idea to deliver the rings will look divine in an outdoor space with nature.

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