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What is the first-look? Reasons why you should totally do it 

In this post we tell you how to make a romantic and successful first look and know the true meaning of seeing each other for the first time before the ceremony.

The first look is the first time you see your bride or groom dressed in wedding attire before the ceremony. In the past, it was believed that seeing the bride before the wedding ceremony was bad luck for your marriage. However, that belief has changed significantly over the years, and now we understand it is simply a fallacy.

The first look has many pros and one of them is that it is a more intimate moment where the bride and groom are not the center of attention and they can let all their emotions flow and connect before walking the aisle. 

The bride in her beautiful wedding dress, the groom in his elegant suit in an exciting moment as the first look makes for an unforgettable photographic opportunity.

Make sure you hire a professional photography and video service that is in charge of taking the best photos of this very special moment. If you want every moment of the first wedding look to be captured forever, this is a must. 

Do not think twice and dare to make a first wedding look full of personality, each moment will be unique, and this intimate moment will surely make your dream day magical. 

TIP: You can also have a first look moment captured with mom and dad! Makes for amazing photos and a very intimate moment with your parents.

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