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Honoring your loved one on your wedding day

Your wedding day is a very intimate occasion that is shared with your family and closest friends. But when an important person in our lives is no longer with us, it can be hard to decide how to honor them on this special day. A tribute to a deceased loved one at your wedding can be done in several ways.

One idea may be to create a space with photographs of your loved one, candles and flowers that honor the memory of that person on a table of honor. It is important that this space be subtle and harmonious, so as not to draw too much attention in the main event and to maintain the spirit of the celebration. 

Another option may be to take a moment during the ceremony or reception to share a few words or a moment of silence in memory of the deceased. This is a good time for the couple to share a special anecdote, a poem or a song that reminds them of that loved one.

The choice of music can also be a fitting tribute. If your loved one had a special song, it can be included during the ceremony or reception. Likewise, the couple can choose a song that symbolizes their love and dedicate it to the memory of their loved one. 

In case the loved one is the bride’s father or mother, the bride can walk down the aisle with a white balloon symbolizing the presence of their parent.

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