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Wedding invitation cards, discover their secret here

First, you must choose a place to celebrate your dream wedding with all your loved ones, then an invitation must be sent, indicating important details such as the place, time and dress code. 

You should take into account these details when making the invitations:

Make your wedding invitations creative and striking, a message that catches the attention of your guests is something super valuable, remember that there are wedding invitations and also wedding reception cards.

The more elaborate the invitation card, the more expensive it can be, so how much do wedding invitations cost? It all depends on the details, quality of the paper and the design you choose. 

Choosing an emotional phrase, religious verse or poem that represents the love between the couple and the desire to celebrate the special day with that person you are inviting to your wedding is a wonderful detail. 

The invitations must be made in advance, guests must have that day available, so it is crucial to send them in advance. How long before the wedding are the invitations delivered? It all depends on the wedding.

If it is a large wedding with many guests, it is best that you send them a year in advance, if it is a medium wedding, neither very large nor very small, 6 months in advance is fine, be careful, do not forget to ask them to confirm attendance !

There are many wedding invitation designs, the best thing you can do is choose the design that fits the theme of the entire wedding, here everything matters, the quality of the paper, the color and the font.

If the party is glam, the design of the wedding cards must be very elegant, you must indicate the dress code in the wedding invitation cards, the dress code must match the concept of the wedding.

You can send souvenirs with the invitations, your guests will surely love it, accompany the country-style wedding cards with some lavender leaves, an original and aromatic touch.

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